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Camels at Nativity

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Reindeer Express joins a Journey to Bethlehem, an interactive drama, is a four-night outdoor production in Auburn that features more than 275 costumed actors, vibrant sets, colorful storytelling, and live animals–including camels. This drama production premiered in Auburn in 2006 with 1,500 guests joining the journey. The production has grown in size with an increased number of actors and new in 2008, a brand-new city structure. This is an incredible display, you must see it!


Reindeer Express provides Hannibal and Two-Step as part of our “camel rentals program” to the Journey to Bethlehem nativity scene. It is a phenomenal production! A must see for your Christmas season!


Spokane Fantasy Flight

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Reindeer Express joins Spokane Fantasy Flight and Alaska/Horizon Airlines to provide one night of magic for a few select dis-privileged children. This non-profit group is always in need of more volunteers and sponsors. Reindeer Express supplies all of Spokane Fantasy Flight reindeer rentals. We also, encourage everyone to give back to your community in a way that will last a child a lifetime!


One Night of Wonder!

Spokane Fantasy Flight with their many volunteers, donors, and sponsors provide a magical trip to the North Pole for some very special children in the Spokane community. Sixty, specially selected kids, aged 4-12, chosen from the area’s shelters and community programs, are flown to the North Pole for an evening of wonderment and surprises...